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Counseling Programs for Relationships
Healthy Dating - Help & Tips
Beginning a New Relationship
Making Adjustments In an Ongoing Relationship
Parenting & Co-Parenting Support and Help
Getting Older / Empty Nest – Reestablishing New Priorities

You will at some time or another experience difficult and challenging times in your dating life, marriage or any significant relationship, regardless of the length of the relationship. You can experience difficulties in your relationships with your children no matter what age they maybe. In relationship you will experience your deepest desires, your deepest joy, your deepest heartfelt love as well as your deepest hurts, deepest fears, deepest confusions, deepest anger, and deepest ambivalence. Why is that?

You bring your personal history with you into all of your relationships. In my opinion relationships can be viewed as part of the journey of your soul. It is in the presence of the others that your issues can surface so that you can learn and grow and be the best that you can be.
Often you have not acquired the tools and learning you need to move through the difficult times; you become stuck in your relationships and do not know what to do differently. Often this translates into parenting behaviors that are not in the highest good of your children. Parenting becomes even more difficult if you are under stress.

As a relationship expert I empower individuals to move through their relationship with integrity, self-responsibility and purpose staying connected to their body, mind and spirit as they make conscious choices and act with clear intentions.

As a relationship expert I will help you to identify the obstacles, analyze the conflicts and the blocks and establish goals and action steps that will help you to improve your relationship with yourself and others so you can move beyond your current situation and any dysfunctional behavior. By improving your relationship with yourself and your husband/partner you will improve your relationship with your children. Guided parenting techniques will be given by examining each individual situation and age of the child.

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Counseling Programs:

Healthy Dating, and Beginning A New Relationship – Letting Go Of Old Behavior Patterns and Developing Healthier Ways to Interact
Dating or reentering the dating world after a breakup, intimacy issues, moving in, planning a marriage are wonderful beginnings. Difficulties can arise as you move through the various stages of a relationship. You may have unresolved issues from previous relationships or because of your personal history have not developed the skills and techniques needed to have a healthy balanced relationship.

Conflict can then go underground very early on and cause havoc later in the relationship. When starting new in a dating relationship, or reentering the dating world after a divorce or a breakup of a significant relationship, you do not want to repeat your previous mistakes. It is important to know how to recognize healthy and unhealthy patterns in your dating, and in your relationship with your spouse if you are married.

It is important to develop good communication, problem-solving skills early on, understanding how you interact with the opposite sex. You will learn how to identify the problem, and assess the situation so you can establish from the beginning a healthy interaction from an open heart.

The goals of this program are to let go of old behavior patterns and develop healthier ways to interact in regard to the following issues that may surface within any relationship:
  • Working Out Control and power issues
  • Developing Healthy Boundaries
  • Developing Autonomy and Intimacy
  • Develop healthy communication from your heart
  • Learn balance of power and equity within your relationship
  • Develop realistic expectations
  • Recognizing Healthy & Unhealthy Dating Behavior
  • Understanding the Different Stages of Dating and a Relationship

Making Adjustments In an Ongoing Relationships And Parenting Help - Rising Above Stress As You Attempt To Meet New Challenges With An Open Heart
Relocating, setting up a new household, jobs changes, long distance driving to work, parenting, step parenting, co-parenting, blended families, health concerns are just a few of the many challenges that can unfold in our life and in our relationships. These adjustments can put stress on any relationship as we attempt to work through the changes and transitions and meet these situations with an open heart.

The goal of this program is to improve:
  • Strengthen communication and eliminate conflicts
  • Identify personality differences and belief systems
  • Decrease stress through relaxation techniques
  • Create an action plan that will help you to adapt to your particular relationship challenge in an optimal manner
  • Learn to Negotiate in decision making
  • Develop healthy parenting skills
  • Skills in co-parenting with a ex-husband/partner
  • Helping parents align with what is in the highest good of their children

Getting Older / Empty Nest - Setting The Course For The Quality Of The Rest Of Your Life
There are many challenges and changes that are associated with the aging process. Your response to these issues will determine the quality of the rest of your life. You might be faced with redefining yourself after your children leave home, or redefining your relationship as your move into the retirement years.

Grief and loss issues occur as a natural process of life as we are forced to let go of our attachments and accept the loss. Do not be unprepared. This is a time of great opportunity and potential joy of finding greater purpose and meaning in our life.

The goal of this program is to:
  • Resolved any grief and loss issues
  • Create healthy coping strategies
  • Define new goals that develop balanced lifestyle
  • Help you identify and nurture your spiritual side
  • Create your own support system

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