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Connecting With Your Body - What is Bioenergetics?
Your body carries your personal history. Your body holds tension, blocks and memories from childhood and all throughout your adult life. When your feelings are not felt and resolved, you hold them back and literally stuff them. They then becomes buried, as you numb, tighten and shutdown your body. Over your life time these unresolved hurts and betrayals accumulate and you become disconnected from your emotional pain and from your body. Bioenergetics goal is to help people resolve their emotional problems by helping them to reconnect and reawaken their bodies, so that they can recapture their inherent power and joy.

Connecting With Your Mind - What Is Cognitive Therapy?
Cognitive Therapy is active and goal oriented. It is used to identify the negative thoughts, doubts and self criticism that lead you feeling helpless and unworthy. By understanding your pattern of thinking you can redirect and reframe your thoughts and change the critical thought pattern to positive thought patterns. By connecting with your inner child you will also understand where the deep self critical voice originated. A deeper healing can occur. It is then that you can sustain a pro-active and healthy life.

Connecting with Your Soul – What is The Call of Your Soul?
In my opinion, every human being has the desire to strive for a deeper meaning to life. This desire is a call of the soul. In every culture, there has been a need to explore and understand the forces at play in the universe and a need to believe that events are not random. In my opinion, any crisis in your life and all personal and significant relationships, are ways the soul makes itself known. Through reflection, relaxation techniques, learning to listen and understand your inner voice, and through selected activities you choose that nurture your soul, you will learn to foster and enter into your soulfulness.

How Do I Integrate Body, Mind and Soul
By working with your body, you will learn to identify and release your emotional feelings held in the muscles, you will establish a deeper relationship with your body. Since the total history of your life is reflected in your physical body, once you free the body from tension, stress and long term muscular patterns, you are free to access your joy and pleasure. By working with your mind you will be able to create positive thoughts focus and hold the belief that you are worthy and deserving of love. Working with your spiritual essence you are able to reach your authentic self and true nature. Here is where your wisdom resides and the answers to your questions are found. Here is where you discover the deeper meaning in your life.

How does Michele’s counseling approach with the mind/body/soul, compare to other Traditional Counseling Approaches?
While traditional therapy and other modalities are incorporated in the process, Michele’s techniques help you to connect to a deeper part of yourself. You are meant to be in harmony with your body, mind and soul. You are not meant to have your body shut down, nor are you meant to go through life analyzing every event staying locked in your mind, or staying away from the spiritual aspect of your personality. Traditional techniques, may not simultaneously address all three essential aspects (mind, body, soul) of the individual.

How Can I Contact Michele?
  Phone: 760-290-1047