“ My mind was racing
out of control… I didn’t know how to stop.
Once I learned to
re-direct my thoughts,
I found my self-critical talk disappear.”

University City, CA



“There’s nothing you can't tell her. And nothing ever shocks
her. Even if
something is very embarrassing. I
always feel better
after unburdening
myself to her. I find myself telling her
things I never thought
I'd share with anyone. And believe me, I’ve gone to several other therapists.”

Oceanside, CA

About Michele Germain, LCSW, MFT, CBT

In your first session with Michele you will begin to experience her understanding and warmth. She combines the techniques of coaching, psychotherapy with the spiritual; the unseen forces within us that, when working together, heal our lives.

Ms. Germain’s personal and professional experience, her education and training, and her work with clients, have all validated her philosophy; that, through the Unity of Three Process – Body, Mind and Soul – we can regain our inherent power in times of trauma, loss and grief. And we can become more rather than less.

Ms. Germain has been working as a psychotherapist for over 20 years. She is licensed as both a Clinical Social Work and Marriage Family Counselor in California. In addition, Ms. Germain studied the Mind/Body relationship through the Michigan Bioenergetics Institute and is a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist.

Types of Clients
The Unity of Three Process has been successfully used with individuals, couples and groups with the following issues:
Life Transitions
Sexual Abuse Issues
Relationship Issues
Eating Disorders
Chronic Pain

Experience in Business
Ms. Germain has worked with the legal profession, offering seminars and one-on-one coaching to assist clients in understanding the emotional and grief related aspects of divorce. She has appeared on radio and television, has published many articles, and has lectured to all types of audiences.

Personal Style
Through her own recovery from chronic physical pain, and a traumatic divorce, Michele created the Unity of Three Process. She then successfully put this process to work in her private practice. She has a unique way of viewing situations and provides guidance based on this process. She is supportive, caring and empathic. She honors each client’s uniqueness and is non-judgmental. She takes into consideration all aspects of the individual including their emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs.

Contact Michele Germain
  Phone: 858.496.3387
  Fax: 858.792.1412
  Email: michele@michelegermain.com
  Serving: San Diego, CA

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