“Michele sees into
your heart. She has
the kind of warmth
that is only found in
rare persons who
have faced the
darkness and found
the light. I am
forever changed by
her extraordinary
guidance and compassion.”

Dawn Groves, Author, “Meditation for Busy People”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bioenergetics?
Bioenergetics is a form of therapy that combines energy work with the body along with your natural, intuitive mind. Its goal is to help people resolve their emotional problems by helping them to reconnect with their bodies, so that they can recapture their inherent power (life force).

How does Bioenergetics help me to integrate Body, Mind and Soul?
Since the total history of our life is reflected in our physical body, once we free the body from tension, stress and long term muscular patterns, we are free to access positive thoughts (Mind) and reach core self to discover the deeper meaning in life (Soul).

What Is Cognitive Therapy?
Cognitive Therapy is active and goal oriented. It is used to identify the negative thoughts that lead to feeling helpless. By understanding our pattern of thinking we can redirect the thoughts and correct the destructive pattern. It is then that we can sustain a pro-active and healthy life.

What is Answering The Call Of The Soul?
Every human being has the desire to strive for a deeper meaning to life. This desire is a call of the soul. Through reflection, relaxation techniques, learning to listen and understand the inner voice and through your selected soul appropriate activities, we will learn to foster and enter into our soulfulness.

How does the Unity of Three Process Compare to Other Traditional Counseling Approaches?
While traditional therapy and other modalities are incorporated in the process, Michele’s techniques connect us to our deepest self. Traditional techniques, may not simultaneously address all three essential aspects (mind, body, soul) of the individual.

How Can I Contact Michele?
  Phone: 858.496.3387
  Fax: 858.792.1412
  Email: michele@michelegermain.com
  Serving: San Diego, CA

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