“Ms. Germain has been a consistently successful resource
for me in my
profession for the
past three years.
She has coached
me with issues
regarding employment, management, communication
and motivation in
my corporation.
Her in-put has been
a significant positive contribution.”

Ann Garrett Jewelry, Inc. President, CEO

Unity of Three Process

During our childhood and throughout our lives we experience disappointments, betrayals and traumatic events that when unresolved cause great pain and limit our expression, spontaneity and happiness. We build walls around ourselves and we do not know what to do differently. A difficult event such as a divorce, health problems, financial difficulties, work related problems, relationship issues, depression, loneliness, loss of job, or death of a loved one can force us to seek answers that will help us to recapture our power and reclaim the parts of ourselves we have lost.

Body, Mind, Soul
We are meant to be in harmony with our body, mind and soul. We are not meant to be living our life disconnected from our real self. The Unity of Three Process was specifically designed to integrate body, mind and soul. By learning to be grounded in our body, we heal our unresolved feelings. By listening to our thoughts we learn to eliminate our negative thinking, and by surrendering to our deepest self we discover our divine nature. As we move through the Unity of Three Process our emotional, physical and mental blocks are released. We learn to express instead of de-press our life force. A shift takes place and we live life from our real self, experiencing our inherent power and joy.

We meet face to face in the office to develop a team work relationship where we look at the situations in your life, how these situations have developed, and how we can resolve them to achieve balance. In addition, we create exercises dealing with your body, mind and soul to be practiced at home providing you with the tools necessary to make changes.

The Unity of Three Process Consists of:
Bioenergetics for the Body:
Melt Away the Tensions that Hold You Back
Cognitive Therapy for the Mind:
Identify and Change Negative Thinking
Answering The Call of The Soul:
Becoming Aware of Soul Purpose

BENEFITS of the Unity of Three Process:
Relationships improve
You experience a stronger connection with your body
Life becomes proactive rather than reactive
Your inner wisdom begins to guide your decisions
Interpersonal communications are strengthened
You develop healthy coping strategies
Recovery from grief becomes a reality
You know what works for you in life...discover your soul purpose

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