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Smart therapy is individualized to your particular needs using a combination of the techniques listed below. During the first session we will meet to develop the specific program/plan focusing on your external circumstances and internal obstacle or perceived limitations that are in the way of accomplishing what is important to you.

Each session thereafter will be devoted to releasing old stories and blocks and increasing the ability to change, making choices that are in your highest good and aligned with your personal goals. In addition, exercises dealing with your body, mind, and spirit will be designed for you to do at home at your convenience. This will provide you with the tools necessary to make the changes you desire.


Cognitive Therapy – Cognitive therapy is used to identify the negative patterns of thinking, and the old negative repetitive stories you tell yourself that keep you stuck. You can then redirect the thoughts and correct any destructive thinking and sustain a positive mental state.

Bio-energetics – Your body holds the wisdom of your deepest self. Bioenergetics is a form of therapy that combines energy work with talking therapy. Its goal is to help you to open up, reconnect and feel more stability and grounded in your body. This new relationship with your body helps improves body image and personal power.

Meridian Tapping / Emotional Freedom Release This technique comes from the principles of Chinese acupuncture and acupressure. It works with common distress and other ingrained emotional patterns that block your energy. By tapping on certain meridian points in the body the issues and the energy behind the issue is released and emotional balance is restored allowing you to regain your natural joy.

Relaxations Techniques – First it is important to identifying what stress exist in your life and how it impacts your body and mind. Then, through breath work, body scanning, visualization and other relaxation techniques you will have the tools necessary to manage your stress now or in the future.

Meditations Techniques – Nothing causes more pain than a chaotic mind with negative thinking, worry or self-doubt. Learning to still the mind through the practice of meditation will help you create a focused peaceful and clear mind allowing you to tap into the full use of your intuition and inner wisdom.

Assertiveness and Communication Techniques – Move from survival behavior to empowerment by learning the (7) components to assertiveness and effective communication. By acting instead of reacting avoiding power struggles and passive behavior you will feel more effective and empowered in your interactions with others.

Guidelines for Maintaining a Healthy Relationship – You cannot work both sides of a relationship, or be in control of others, but you can understand yourself and how to interact in a healthy manner. Learn the (6) guidelines for maintaining a relationship that you can use in your personal or professional life.


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