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"After being downsized for the second time by the same company after 25 years, I found myself dealing with a loss of financial stability and important work relationships. It affected my identity and sense of well being. Michele was able to help me see that my sense of confusion and anxiety were related to the many changes that had taken place. Her wonderful insights helped me regain a positive self worth; become proactive in my own endeavors, and to become successful in what truly mattered to me."
San Diego, CA

"A quick note to thank you for your valuable service. I was surprised at how quickly you helped me find meaningful insights and a real world course of action after my sudden and painful job lose. It's easier to have a good attitude about breakups and loses when you know how to pick up the pieces."
D L Thomas
Los Angeles, CA

"Michele is an experienced therapist with a deep commitment to healing. She has a sense of play and provides a safe and nurturing place for you to work through your fears and sorrows. She will lead you to the excitement of new possibilities."
Jean Campbell, Ph.D., Psychologist
La Jolla, CA

"Ms. Germain has been a consistently successful resource for me in my profession for the past three years. She has coached me with issues regarding employment, management, communication and motivation in my corporation. Her in-put has been a significant positive contribution."
Ann Garrett, President, CEO
Ann Garrett Jewelry, Inc.

"Working with Michele has been the key to my healing after a recent breakup with a man whom I expected to marry. When I first contacted her, I was in a state of shock. I couldn't believe that this man whom I thought had loved me, suddenly wanted out of the relationship. Michele Germain is very empathic and was great at helping me recognize and process the psychological shock and work with my deep feelings of grief and anger. With her help I learned how to emotionally detach from my previous partner and to appreciate myself more as an individual, worthy of love and success."
L. M.
Detroit, Michigan

"There's nothing you can't tell her. And nothing ever shocks her. Even if something is very embarrassing. I always feel better after unburdening myself to her. I find myself telling her things I never thought I'd share with anyone. And believe me, I've gone to several other therapists."
Oceanside, CA

"Michele's input is always useful and insightful. She has a unique way of viewing situations especially in my work environment. Because of her help my relationships with my co-workers have improved."
Encinitas, CA

"Recovering from a breakup can be entirely devastating and the impulse to attach to a new relationship too soon can be strong. Even in knowing the need to give myself more time it was hard, but I knew their was a higher wisdom to found in being patient and doing my work to really be ready for someone again. The bigger picture was just too hard to see on my own, but with Michele’s help and patience I was able to give myself the gift of time and patience in order to grow in ways I never thought possible. The work she has done with me has felt much like the transformation of the caterpillar into the graceful butterfly. Being able to move through difficult and heartbreaking situations with more grace and strength has changed my life."
Portland, Oregon

"Michele's input is always useful and insightful. She has a unique way of viewing situations especially in my work environment. Because of her help my relationships with my co-workers have improved."
Encinitas, CA

"I am grateful for the valuable counseling I received from Michele soon after my business partner decided that I was no longer of any value to his bottom line. He found someone else whom he saw as more influential with greater access. I felt discarded and panicked. She helped me recognize that this recent work breakup and disruption was part of a destructive psychological pattern that I had repeated for most of my professional life. Michele helped me to understand how this unproductive behavior started and worked with me to move forward in a positive direction. As a result, I have become more assertive, self confident and free to use my creativity."
Los Angeles, CA

"What I like about Michele is that she gets me to take responsibility for my own actions and thoughts. I have moved beyond depression."
Del Mar, CA

"Michele sees into your heart. She has the kind of warmth that is only found in rare persons who have faced the darkness and found the light. I am forever changed by her extraordinary guidance and compassion."
Dawn Groves, Author
Meditation for Busy People