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Divorce Breakup
Breakup Of A Significant Relationship
Breakup Of Trust In A Current Relationship
Breakup Of Work Employment
Sudden Breakup In Lifestyle
Breakup Of Home And Community
Breakup In Financial Security

The events described above can put you into a crisis and force you to seek answers that are not easily accessed. These changes can cause you to feel temporarily ungrounded and affect your self-esteem and sense of worthiness. The victory lies in how you meet these challenges and move through this crisis to a place where you will recapture your power and live a new dream. Making these transitions and starting a new chapter in your life will take time and help. So now is the time to reach out and seek the support you need and deserve to move from your unique breakup to a breakthrough.

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Counseling Programs:

Moving Through Divorce or a Breakup of A Significant Relationship - Regaining Stability
If you’re contemplating a divorce or a breakup or are in the midst of one, or even if the relationship is technically “over”, reaching a place of peace and strength may seem a long way off, but you can use this time of upheaval and change to reconnect with your spirit and reclaim your true self. Do not get stuck, carrying the pain and fear of getting close into our next relationship. Do not repeat the same old pattern again and again wondering why you cannot find a healthy relationship bond. A breakup of a significant relationship can be just as devastation as a divorce as they present many of the same issues.
  • Immediately help reduce the trauma and shock
  • Help you heal your feelings as you move through the grief
  • Feel empowered rather than a victim
  • Establish clear boundaries with others
  • Develop healthy communication with your ex
  • Learn to detach emotionally by creating other supports and relationship interest
  • Develop skill in being a single parent – parenting without guilt
  • Identify the lessons in the relationship
  • Developing your spiritual essence and finding the spiritual gift in the crisis

Moving Through A Breakup of Trust In A Current Relationship – Regaining Stability
Trust is absolutely important in any relationship. Trust is something that grows and develops over time. But with time trust develops. When that trust is interrupted by an crisis or a relationship event it can throw the relationship into a standstill and both parties can become stuck, unhappy and confused. If communication is not solving the problem, then intervention is important. So reaching out for help will only strengthen the relationship and heal the conflict that initially severed the trust. Any event can cause the trust to come into question. Lack of communication, an affair, differences in values, not enough time spent together and any life stress. If trust is not repaired the relationship can deteriorate, silence and avoidance only cause more issues to surface. The goal of this program is to:
  • Identify the precipitating event that is causing trust to breakdown
  • Improve communication and release old held in emotions
  • Improve Intimacy – Reestablish healthy relationship behaviors
  • Develop negotiating skills in problem solving relationship issues
  • Improve heart to heart connections - develop body awarensss

Moving Through A Breakup of Work Employment and a Sudden Change In Life Style – Regaining Stability
If you have been laid off or have lost your job and your lifestyle as you knew it suddenly changed, you are in a crisis. You may be experiencing self-doubt and feel temporarily lost. This is not uncommon, reaching a place of peace and strength may seem a long way off as you approach the unknown. Do not get stuck, blaming yourself or others around you, this is not what will serve you at this time. Do not keep revisiting the past. Now is the time to be flexible instead of locked into what you should of, or could of done to prepare or prevent this from happening. You can work through this crisis if you realize that reaching out is not a weakness but a strength. The Goals of this program is to:
  • Identify and reduce emotional shock
  • Feel empowered rather than a victim
  • Establish your priorities and a new vision
  • Identify accomplishment and strengths
  • Become more effective less fearful
  • Develop skills in visualization and what you want to create
  • Improve self-worth through identifying success
  • Develop an action plan
  • Find the spiritual gift in the crisis

Moving Through The Loss of Your Home and Community Connections - Regaining Stability
If you have lost your home due to foreclosure and a financial crisis you may be experiencing anger, sadness or just feel numb. Our home and community is where we feel our sense of safety and connections. It is where you regain and renew your strength and it is part of your identity and a sense of being grounded. This type of a breakup can be devastating, but it can be a radical opportunity to make changes in your life that are needed for you to be more aligned with your true self. Do not get stuck in the depression and hopelessness that can occur. But, do not deny the feelings of this loss and breakup. Taking the steps necessary to find where you have control and where you do not have control is the beginning of the process. Then you can take the action steps that are necessary to accomplish what you can. No one can do this alone so reaching out for support to help with this breakup is absolutely necessary. Your home and community is where your heart is and it is important to know that you take your heart and your memories with you wherever you go. Do not freeze and get stuck in the pain, reach out for the support you deserve. The goal of this program is to:
  • Immediately help reduce the emotional shock
  • Help you heal your feelings as you move through the grief
  • Feel empowered rather than a victim
  • Learn to let go of that which you cannot alter, change or avoid
  • Learn what is in your power to change
  • Develop the action steps that will help you feel more in control

Moving Through a Breakup in Financial Security – Regaining Stability
How do you get through a breakup of your financial security? Money is what all of us depend on and it is our basic survival need. The reality is that we all need enough money to survive and take care of ourselves and our family. That is not the problem. The problem is that we are taught early on that our self-esteem is based on our financial worth. You may not believe this yet, but your worth and wholeness is not dependent on your 401K or how many material possessions you have. But, money is security and it is a foundation on which we can lean into as we move through the world. So how do we cope with financial loss, whatever the amount? It is important to evaluate our relationship to money and to work through the fear, self blame and the depression that may be occurring as a result of this loss. Once the feeling is worked through and there is more acceptance of the change and financial status you are ready to go to the next step. How can you become creative and flexible? What are the belief systems you must let go of in order to explore new areas of living? The key is to accept the unacceptable, the money loss, then and only then are you able to move forward with the energy and inner resources that have never left you. The goals of this program are to:
  • Immediately help reduce the trauma and shock
  • Let go of your anger and negative self-talk
  • Move from feeling like a victim to becoming proactive
  • Understand your relationship to money removing any blocks
  • Access your situation and weight your choices
  • Reach out for support both professionally and personally
  • Develop a support system instead of isolating with guilt or shame
  • Identify the short term and long terms goals and take one step at a time
  • Lean into your spiritual belief system as you move through the unknown

Phone counseling sessions available to develop a team work relationship where we look at the situations in your life, how these situations have developed, and how you can resolve them to achieve stability. Each of these types of breakup’s require you to go deep within yourself to find the strength, courage, and faith so you can take the leap into the unknown, trusting yourself and the universe that you will prevail and live with more of yourself not less. In addition, we will create exercises dealing with your body, mind and soul to be practiced at home providing you with the tools necessary to cope with the stress that is occurring.

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