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By learning to be grounded in your body, you open up and find your inner stability. By learning to listen to your thoughts you can identify what you are telling yourself that keeps you feeling unworthy, guilty, helpless, angry or stuck. By surrendering to your deepest self you can discover your divine nature and connect with your spiritual essence and inner wisdom.

A shift takes place where you regain stability, develop trust, and reach your deeper potential to work though difficult times successfully, with a new level of consciousness. This allows you to find the inner peace and direction to build a new dream.

Phone counseling session with Michele are available daily by appointment, to help you quickly gain the insights and direction you need to move through your unique breakup, relationship challenge or co-parenting issue. Become aware and proactive and gain the clarity and stability to move forward with your life.

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Life Breakups Counseling
All of us struggle with breakups at one time or another in our lives. It may mean a divorce or the end of another long-term personal relationship. Or, it may be the breakup of a business partnership or leaving a long-term job. Michele Germain offers help for everyone who wants to come out of such experiences stronger, healthier and wiser.
Divorce Breakup
Breakup Of A Significant Relationship
Breakup Of Trust In A Current Relationship
Breakup Of Work Employment
Sudden Breakup In Lifestyle
Breakup Of Home And Community
Breakup In Financial Security

Relationships Counseling
You will at some time or another experience difficult and challenging times in your dating life, marriage or any significant relationship, regardless of the length of the relationship. You can experience difficulties in your relationships with your children no matter what age they maybe. As a relationship expert Michele empowers individuals to move through their relationship with integrity, self-responsibility and purpose staying connected to their body, mind and spirit as they make conscious choices and act with clear intentions.
Healthy Dating - Help & Tips
Beginning a New Relationship
Making Adjustments In an Ongoing Relationship
Parenting & Co-Parenting Support and Help
Getting Older / Empty Nest – Reestablishing New Priorities

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